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We are an approved Salesforce ISV partner. We develop custom salesforce applications that improve operations, automate decision making and workflows.

Publish apps in Salesforce AppExchange : We identify opportunities in the Salesforce market place and publish our own apps in salesforce app exchange. Our apps help businesses to streamline their operations, automate decision making and workflows.
Build custom salesforce apps : We build custom salesforce apps as per the requirement of clients. The apps can be developed as a managed package or unmanaged package depending upon clients requirements.

Salesforce marketing campaigns : We handle marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients to acquire new customers and retain existing customers. We leverage on the capability of salesforce platform to create landing pages, email outreach programs etc.

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- At ePsolutions we believe there is a better way to run your day to day business operations.
We know how to put back time into your hands so that you can use it more wisely.
We are obsessively passionate about it and our mission is to help our customers achieve it.
Our apps help Salesforce users to be more productive and profitable.

Our History

ePsolutions added "Sales Team Management and Automated Commission" module to quickly provide custom pricing, approval workflow, commission calculations, and sales team payments to make Sales Teams effective.
ePsolutions obtained AICPA's SOC I Type 2 service organization status.
ePsolutions achieves the standards of Experian's EI3PA third party techinical provider certification.
ePsolutions achieves the standards of payment industry's PCI DSS Compliance.
emSigner & enGage– emSigner is introduced as a fully branded, device ready enrollment journey. ePsolutions introduces enGage, a customer portal allowing for quick payments and contract renewals.
Prepaid Solution – ePsolutions launches AMP, the first, fully automated prepaid solution using advanced meters. With the ability to access, read and process daily energy usage data available from advanced meters, AMP intelligently and accurately keeps track of and manages information, activity and balances.
Fastest Growing Business – ePsolutions is acknowledged by Inc 500 as one of the Fastest Growing Businesses in Texas. Both Direct Energy and Constellation Energy launch with the emPower billing & EDI platform.
Seed Funded - The founding team of ePsolutions forms. The Company is funded and grows a team of world-class software developers and architects. ePsolutions becomes EDI & NAESB market certified after successfully completing the initial ERCOT flight test with emPower, our integrated EDI solution.

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Our mission is to make the cloud a better place. We build apps and help companies to leverage on salesforce to make their day to day operations smooth and profitable. We are an approved salesforce ISV partner.

James Smith

Marketing Manager

Chris William

Marketing Manager

Shaun Lee

Marketing Manager

Mary Sombra

Marketing Manager

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Make it Simple.

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