Salesforce App to Import credit reports from Equifax, Experian, Transunion.

CreditRaptor imports credit scores and reports from top credit bureaus and helps you see these critical data right inside salesforce and make smart business decisions.

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Check credit score and credit report inside salesforce

Know your customers credit score inside Salesforce

CreditRaptor is a salesforce app that initiates credit checks and credit inquiries within salesforce. CreditRaptor integrates with the three major credit reporting bureaus and imports credit scores and credit reports to salesforce.

Credit Score and credit reports provided by credit rating agencies help companies qualify leads, assess sales potential, and adhere to compliance requirements. CreditRaptor imports all data points in the credit report, which are then parsed through and stored in salesforce as separate objects. This helps create your own intelligent business logic and automation process as to what needs to happen next based on the credit data provided.

Business benefits of using CreditRaptor

  1. Reduce business risk with authentic data from top credit bureaus
  2. Eliminate time spent on manual entry and verification
  3. Eliminate risks due to human errors and partial data
  4. Streamline operations with automated decision-making
  5. Improve revenues and profits with quicker and better decisions

CreditRaptor - Key features

Access to three major credit reporting bureaus

Our credit reporting tool can be connected to all three major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian, and Transunion, directly and via third-party API providers. You can connect to these credit reporting agencies with your existing API credentials. If you don't have a credential, our team can set one up for you.

Soft Credit pull and Hard Credit pull

Organizations use soft credit inquiry and hard credit inquiry at different levels as per the lead’s status. By using CreditRaptor’s credit reporting tool, you can do both soft credit checks and hard credit checks. You can also store the complete credit data associated with soft and credit check within salesforce.

Credit report PDF

The credit report obtained will also be stored in PDF format and attached to the particular salesforce record.

Comprehensive credit data in custom fields

All data points from the reports are parsed through and stored at a granular level in salesforce. Data points of the entire credit report like address, liabilities, payments, collections, employments, tradelines, inquiries, and moreare stored in Salesforce custom fields.

Automate salesforce business process

Based on the credit report data, you can create business logics and business process flows that automate the qualification process of a lead based on predefined criteria. You can write business flows to assign the lead to a particular salesperson or pre-approve loans, fix interest rates, etc.

Joint credit reports

When there is more than one applicant for a loan or purchase, then it is important to do a credit check on all the applicants filled in. With CreditRaptor, you can do a joint credit report in a single click.

Trimerge credit reports

The credit report given by the top three credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and Transunion, can be merged into a single report. This provides a complete picture of the consumer's risk profile.

Batch processing credit score

Users can do a credit check on a batch of records by selecting the group of records in salesforce. With batch processing, you can fetch credit reports for more than 1,000 records with a single click.

Multi-credit bureau support

CreditRaptor supports credit inquiries for multiple credit bureaus. You can select as many credit bureaus as you want from the top three credit bureaus. The credit reporting tool can be configured with direct bureaus or with any third-party API providers.

Time limit between credit reports

You can also set a time limit between fetching two credit reports for the same record. This ensures that when moving across processes, or when multiple agents handle the same account, your team does not accidentally trigger the credit inquiry multiple times.

Autofetch credit score

You can set CreditRaptor to automatically fetch a credit score as soon as a record is added to salesforce or is moved from one object to another.

Military Lending Act

Get to know about the leads who are covered under the Military Lending Act and ensure your terms and regulations comply with the act.

OFAC alert

Credit bureaus have adopted new measures to ensure compliance with OFAC regulations. If there is a potential match, the credit bureaus may place a "red flag" or alert on the report. CreditRaptor can alert you when such matches are found.


CreditRaptor comes with powerful dashboards that group and display the records by credit score range, flags for OFAC, flags for MLA act, and any mismatch of data found.

Auto-refresh credit reports

CreditRaptor provides users with the option to fetch credit reports at periodic intervals so that your team knows the status of your prospects and customers. The current credit score of a person can help the team upsell and cross-sell other products, or help the collections team make critical decisions.


Advantages Of CreditRaptor

CreditRaptor is a native Appexchange Salesforce app
Have the app installed and running in 15 minutes
Free installation support
Compatible with all salesforce editions
Integrates with Credit Report agency of your choice
Customization options as per your workflow are available

How CreditRaptor can help you based on your industry

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How it works ?

Integrate CreditRaptor with Salesforce in 3 easy steps to fetch credit report.

Configure credit bureau API's

You can configure your existing credit bureau with CreditRaptor in 5 minutes. Enter the configuration details shared by your credit bureaus in the configuration tab. Check out this demo.

Map fields to be sent to credit bureau

The salesforce attributes that need to be sent to credit bureaus are mapped in the required mapping tab.
Check out this demo

Map salesforce to credit bureau's api request
Credit score imported from Equifax, Experian, Transunion
Fetch credit Reports

Click on the run credit report button for the records you want to fetch the credit score. A quick view of the credit score is visible for the record in a card and a detailed view of the credit report is available in-the details page.

Frequently asked questions


Do I need an account with Credit bureaus?

Yes you need to have an account with the credit bureaus to connect the API's and fetch records.

I dont have an account with Credit bureaus.

Dont worry if you dont have an account, we can set up one for you.

Do you provide a free trial?

You can install the app for free in Sandbox mode. If you still need a free trial to evaluate please contact

What countries do you support?

Currently we support for United States only.

Can we automate decision making based on credit score.

Yes, you can automated the decisions making process

What are the credit bureau API versions you support

We currently support Equifax Acro50 and others

What are the top three credit bureaus CreditRaptor works with?

CreditRaptor works with Equifax credit report API, Experian credit report API, Transunion credit report API and can be customized for any other third-party credit rating agency API.

Does CreditRaptor support soft credit inquiry api and hard credit inquiry API?

CreditRaptor supports both soft credit check API and hard credit check API. While running the credit check for a particular record, you can specify if you want to do a soft credit inquiry or hard credit inquiry.

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Make it Simple.

Make it Great

CreditRaptor - Import credit reports from credit bureaus

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